Windows 8 Developer Preview Product Keys

Windows 8 Developer Preview Product Keys
Windows 8 Developer Preview Product Keys - The Windows 8 Developer Preview has been out for some days now. If you have been living under a rock, you may be interesting in our Windows 8 screenshots tour for a visual impression of the operating system, Jason’s first impressions of Windows 8, a list of mouse and keyboard shortcuts, Windows 8 Download links and Mike’s take on Windows 8.

If you have already installed the operating system, you’d probably noticed that the installation is straightforward and fast. Windows 8 users who try and reinstall the operating system or use the new reset feature to reset it may be in for a surprise, as they may be asked to enter a product key for the operating system to proceed with the installation.

The problem here is that Microsoft has not officially published a product key for the OS. A forum thread at the Microsoft Developer Network forum has the answer. A user is asking Microsoft there about the product key that needs to be entered during reinstallation of Windows 8.

windows 8 product key 400x266 Windows 8 Developer Preview Product Keys

Microsoft responds with the following answer:
If you need to reinstall Windows Developer Preview or use the Reset functionality, you might be asked to enter this product key:
    If you’re running a server version of Windows Developer Preview, you can use this product key:
    Note: These product keys are only for use with the Windows Developer Preview version of Windows 8.

Both the Windows 8 product key and the Windows 8 Server product key are mentioned in the answer.
Users who encounter similar difficulties can use those product keys to reinstall or reset the Windows 8 developer preview.

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